1:pennyflop :2014/05/16(金)


翻訳元: http://ja.reddit.com/r/japan/comments/25no9x/if_youve_lived_in_japan_you_probably_know_this/


2:poslime :2014/05/16(金)


3:theandylaurel :2014/05/16(金)

Oh god. I feel so liberated by this video!

4:Lawl_Lawlsworth :2014/05/16(金)

This was hilarious. xD

5:philwrites :2014/05/16(金)

Try going to the doctor or dentist with jp partner. It's like being a dog at the vet.

6:Danesk :2014/05/16(金)


the one that really gets me is when they ask my wife in front of me if I speak Japanese. I'm right here and you've already assumed I don't otherwise you would've asked me motherfucker! Edit: it just gets to me a bit too much. However yesterday, on my lunch break, an elderly couple asked me to help them pay the car park fee because they couldn't understand the machine..that was pretty nice.

7:AMLRoss :2014/05/16(金)


it has never been that bad, but yeah i have experienced people bypass me in favor of anyone else im with who might be Jp. Even if i spoke first and in Jp. Another one that pisses me off is when i pay at the register, and they hand the change to my wife....

8:bolt_krank :2014/05/16(金)

Yeah - happened to me a few times too... that being said, she does hold the purse-strings, so maybe they knew....

9:newbikeexcite :2014/05/16(金)








My favorite exchange has to be this one from a large bookstore (in Japanese): "Hi, where are your books on construction and engineering?" "We don't have any" "What?! This place is huge and you don't have any books on construction?" "Nope, none in English" "And in Japanese?" "4th floor on the left" "Thanks..."

10:Wanderous :2014/05/16(金)


Instead of training Japanese people to assume that foreigners speak Japanese, I'd rather foreigners here start studying Japanese harder. For every foreigner that speaks Japanese well, there's ten that can't. For workers in the service industry, it's natural that they're gonna assume you're part of the majority. Of course they could handle it a bit less awkwardly, but for how rarely Japanese people encounter this situation, I gotta give 'em a break.

11:mengrai :2014/05/16(金)


I have lived in several Asian countries, including Japan, and this is pretty much always because you're not as good at the language as you think you are. If you come out speaking clearly, confidently and fluently people will understand you. If you mumble some shit in a bad accent and keep insisting you speak Japanese and they still won't talk to you, it's because you don't sound like you can speak Japanese.

12:voicedvelar :2014/05/16(金)
私はまさにこの動画のアジア人女性だわ。 ただ、日本語は少しできるけど完璧ってほどではない。


I am like the Asian girl in this video. Except I speak Japanese, but not perfectly. So people think I'm a defective Japanese person :(

13:inubass :2014/05/16(金)

ウチの子ども達もウルトラマンの怪獣ですら日本語を喋ってるんだからって… 怪獣と一緒にするな、コラ! ( ̄□ ̄#)

Last time I commented on something like this happening to me, my wife said that sometimes I just forget how foreign I look; might as well come from other planet. My kid said that even the aliens from Ultraman speak Japanese, so there... I uh... wait a minute... 怪獣と一緒にするな、コラ! ( ̄□ ̄#)

14:medamasensei :2014/05/16(金)


This happens to my Japanese mother in the US all the time. When it comes to communication, I think efficiency wins out, especially in restaurants when a server doesn't have much time. I am not condoning the behavior. This is just my analysis.

15:phreakymonkey :2014/05/16(金)







First time I went to Nagoya, my lady and I decided to go get some miso-katsu... as you do. I say, in perfectly clear Japanese, "味噌カツ定食を一つ。" She echoes back to me, "ハンバーグ定食を一つ。" I look at my girlfriend, who shares my bewildered look. "いや、味・噌・カ・ツの定食を一つ。" "味噌カツ定食とハンバーグ定食ですね。" "いいえ、ハンバーグ定食は無しで、味噌カツ定食を一つだけです。分けますから。" It still boggles my mind how she got from miso-katsu to hamburg when they don't sound remotely alike and the former is the goddamn specialty of the restaurant...

16:robjapan :2014/05/16(金)

Honestly... after being here for 10 years. I really can not relate to this at all.

17:shaggath :2014/05/16(金)

After being here for ten years, I sure can. Funny how that works!

18:ninomojo :2014/05/16(金)


Didn't happen to me but to a friend. He sits in the metro in Tokyo. Two Thai girls enter and sit near a man. One of them is holding a guide book and asks the guy some directions in almost perfect Japanese, with close to no accent. The guy answers in super broken English. The Thai girls replies that she doesn't understand any English, but she majored in Japanese so it's no problem. The guy switches to 50% "easy" Japanese and 50% broken English. Makes you wonder what goes on in his head at that moment...

19:Toranyan :2014/05/16(金)






The only thing that seems to happen a lot with me, is sometimes when I walk up to the cashier to pay, they would go, "レジ袋を付け...してもよろしですか". There would be an obvious decrease in speed mid-sentence as they look up and realize I'm not Japanese. I just find it amusing.

20:masasin :2014/04/05(土)

I've been here less than a year. However, wherever I go everyone speaks to me in Japanese. The only time where someone says they don't speak English is if I stop them on the road to ask them something, but then cooperate once I actually ask the question.

21:ZtrongZero :2014/05/16(金)

I think it's more because most of the other people look like weirdos.