1:arjalon :2014/07/09(水)

Jewelers will often increase the price of merchandise that has not sold. The merchandise will then sell.

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2:aecduck :2014/07/09(水)

Yep. I knew a guy that was trying to get rid of an old refrigerator. (This was pre-craigslist.) He put it by the road with a "FREE" sign on it. It sat there for weeks. He changed the sign to say "$50" and the next day somebody stole it.

3:0xD153A53 :2014/07/09(水)


Dunno if this necessarily sounds stupid in theory, but one would think simply asking a question would suffice for getting a correct answer... Cunningham's Law "The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer."

4:Tekidek :2014/07/09(水)

That Ben Franklin effect thing, i.e. you ask someone to do a favor to you and they end up liking you more.

5:Wookimonster :2014/07/09(水)

If you plug headphones into the microphone port of your PC, one of them will work like a shitty microphone.

6:Infiniteinterest :2014/07/09(水)

Used to do this as kids so we could chat.

7:NumeroUno_HueHueHue :2014/07/09(水)

Putting a spider web on your wound actually accelerates the healing process.

8:squigs :2014/07/09(水)

Broken hard disk in a freezer. When I tried it I had a few minutes use before it warmed up again, but a lot of people have reported a completely fine drive afterwards.

9:orlet :2014/07/09(水)

It does work, but in most cases only until the hard drive warms up physically. Also it depends on the type of fault, if it's a physical fault, it's likely not to work.

10:ohioSurfer :2014/07/09(水)

If your swim trunks are wet, wrap a towel tightly around your waist and thighs and squat down into a catcher's position amd hold it. Your trunks will be dry in thirty seconds.


Having a gf to attract other girls. Something about being taken makes you irresistible.

12:a2kSD :2014/07/09(水)

Yup totally true. One, because you have already passed the test of being boyfriend material. Two, when you have a girlfriend you are less nervous around other girls since you aren't trying to hit on them. You can be relaxed and yourself, which girls are more attracted too.

13:NotMyBestUsername :2014/07/09(水)

If you have hiccups then swallow a bunch of air, it'll get rid of them.

14:ruffyreborn :2014/07/09(水)

You can lose weight without working out by simply changing your diet. It doesn't even need to be a huge change.

15:Cobayo :2014/07/09(水)

If you are used to take juices, coca cola or such drinks, get used to drink only water. Easy loss

16:kikaroa :2014/07/09(水)


Weight loss is about 80-90% diet, 10-20% exercise. A lot of people try to cheat on their diet by exercising more but don't realize how more they'd actually have to exercise. An extra 15 minutes at the gym works out to maybe a 100 calories, not an extra large frappuccino.

17:M7Jagger :2014/07/09(水)

Smearing toothpaste over a cd with alot of scratches on it usually helps it work again, not even joking.

18:Zock123454321 :2014/07/09(水)


I did this to an old PS2 game that didn't work at all an it suddenly worked perfectly. Then I did it to a DVD that skipped a few times, it never worked again.

19:MonorailCat567 :2014/07/09(水)

It's a mild abrasive, you can use it to clean plastic headlight lenses on cars as well

20:Throwaway----Account :2014/07/09(水)

It also helps to remove plaque and prevent cavities! :D

21:wizard_snacks :2014/07/09(水)

If you get blood on your clothing rinse it under really cold water. Comes right out.

22:mubukugrappa :2014/07/09(水)

It will be a useful tip for the undercover assassins working for the CIA.

23:skullbeats :2014/07/09(水)

Teaching safe sex instead of abstinence actually lowers teen pregnancy rates

24:Groundloop :2014/07/09(水)

My Catholic high school had more teen pregnancies than all the public schools in town combined. Hmm...

25:ItsFroggy :2014/07/09(水)

Using your turn signal actually helps prevent accidents

26:I_Say_Your_Mom :2014/07/09(水)

Tell that to this douchebag in the Lexus in front of me.

27:ilikechefboyardee :2014/07/09(水)

"The Stranger" - sitting on your hand until it's numb and using to to jack off. Thought it was stupid but damn.

28:Javi2639 :2014/07/09(水)

A free online encyclopedia that absolutely anybody can edit. My first thought was that it's going to be filled with misinformation, but now I use if for every research project ever.

29:GammaGames :2014/07/09(水)

Turn it off and on again

30:EvilBosom :2014/07/09(水)

now I know it sounds stupid, but you can actually make up a lot of crap on the internet without giving a source, and yet people will still blindly believe you! Try it out, it works.