1:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)

In 2005-06, I studied and perfected the art of bank robbery. I never got caught. I still went to prison, however, because about five months after my last robbery I turned myself in and served three years and some change.



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Can you discuss your MO?

3:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)

Sure. Walked in the bank and waited in line like a regular customer. Whichever teller was available to help me is the one I robbed. I simply walked up to them when it was my turn to be helped, and I told them -- usually via handwritten instructions on an envelope -- to give me their $50s and $100s.

4:gartacus :2015/06/13(土)

Hm. Doesn't sound like a whole lot. How much would one teller even carry?


In their top drawer, it was usually less than $10k. I probably averaged around $5k per bank. But it was pretty low risk that way, so that was cool with me.

6:DrKushnstein :2015/06/13(土)

Did you carry a weapon??

7:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


8:DrKushnstein :2015/06/13(土)

Wow, so you pretty much relied on the rules banks tell their employees? That's pretty insane.

9:epicmtgplayer :2015/06/13(土)

Seems like the way to go, I mean you COULD be carrying a weapon. Even if it's small, the risk of someone getting shot at a bank is NOT worth it, you'd rather be the bank that handed some dude 10k than the bank where your teller got someone killed.

10:iamPause :2015/06/13(土)

Former teller here. I made all of $10/hour. I'll hand you every penny in every drawer if you just ask with a stern voice. That money isn't mine, I don't care if you have it, just please don't hurt me.

11:devllen05 :2015/06/13(土)

Was there a threat involved? Or you just said "give me this money" and they did it?

12:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)

No threat. I just told them what I wanted, and they complied. This is how it works in America because the amount of money a bank gives up ($5-$7k on average) per bank robbery is infinitely less than the amount of business they'd lose if shit got wild in a bank full of customers. They just want to give you what you want and for you to get the hell out of their bank.

13:moralesupport :2015/06/13(土)

Yup. I was a teller who was robbed an I got in trouble for pressing the trouble button before the robber had left. They didn't want the police showing up with the robber still in the bank.

14:tatergeddon :2015/06/13(土)

Right now a ton of redditors are thinking up crazy ideas.

15:awry_lynx :2015/06/13(土)

yeah but I estimate none are actually going to do anything we're armchair bank robbers

16:cathersx3 :2015/06/13(土)

What's the most memorable thing that someone has said to you while you were bank robbing?

17:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)



One teller skimped out on me and didn't give me all I had asked for, and I told her, "You can do better than that." She just shrugged -- palms up like a little kid -- and said, "That's all I got." Pretty ballsy on her part.

18:cosmobarkley :2015/06/13(土)

And it probably was all she had.

19:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)

It wasn't. She was being a really brave idiot. She also pocketed a $100 bill for herself. Needless to say, she got fired.

20:Subliminal_Pizza :2015/06/13(土)

How would you know she pockets money for herself?

21:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


When my lawyer first brought all my paperwork to me, I noticed that the amount was $100 off for that particular bank. I told him I was 100% sure that they had the amount wrong. So he told the police, the police told the bank, the bank checked the video... ...and they saw her take it. Insane, huh?

22:intellos :2015/06/13(土)

That's fucking hilarious though. Bank robber helps a bank catch an employee... robbing the bank.

23:StudentII :2015/06/13(土)

Would you have harmed someone if you found yourself in a position between that and getting caught?

24:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


That depends on the situation. If it was just some random guy trying to be a hero, I would have probably gone to any extreme necessary to get away because that's a challenge. On the other hand, if it was a cop or a security guard of some sort, I would have probably let them win. Probably.

25:Potethode123 :2015/06/13(土)

Did anything ever not go as planned?

26:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)

Yes. The last one I did. The teller freaked out as soon as I turned to leave the bank. She started screaming "lock the doors, lock the doors" but I ignored it and just kept walking like nothing was happening. I got out before the doors were locked, but a guy walking into the bank seconds later already found them locked. He was pissed, of course, because it wasn't closing time, and he thought he had gotten there too late. He obviously didn't realize the guy who had just walked out of the bank and past him had just robbed the bank.

27:ifiwazatreeyouwldknw :2015/06/13(土)





1) Did you have a mentor of sorts that you learned from? 2) Did you have a community of bank robbers that you would talk to? 3) If you could go back in time would you have still done it? 4) What do you do now for income? Thanks! Interesting AMA!

28:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)




1) Only the Internet. I studied countless reports of other robberies that had gone wrong and people who were caught. 2) No. I never told anyone what I was doing. One of the main things I learned from research was that an overwhelming number of people are caught because they didn't do it solo. So I never let anyone (not even my wife or best friend) know what I was doing. 3) Yes. I still acknowledge what I've done, but the process and experience of going to prison and finding myself (as well as a purpose in life) has really made it all worth it, relatively speaking. It's hard to regret something that has turned into something so good. 4) I was working in the oil fields until recently. Now I stay at home with my boys, and I am trying to get a book published and turn that into some sort of career, if at all possible. I've been on a few shows, and people seem genuinely interested in hearing more, so that's what I've decided to do.

29:MisStitch :2015/06/13(土)

So do you keep your personal money in a bank? If so - which bank?

30:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)



Lmao. Actually, yes. And they know about my criminal history because I went to high school with one of the girls that works at my bank. I keep a minimal amount of money in the bank for obvious reasons -- usually less than a thousand bucks or so. I actually think my account is pretty close to zero for now. Bank of Texas. :)

31:Pommy356 :2015/06/13(土)

How was the prison experience?

32:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


Shitty and awesome. It was like dying, except without the funeral. I was removed from everyone else's life just as much as they were removed from mine. Mail because the only way I connected with my family and friends. Prison is lonely and depressing, but it's also a great place to really work on yourself if that's what you want to do. Most men and women waste that opportunity. Thankfully, I didn't.

33:mikey_mouse21 :2015/06/13(土)

What made you get into bank robbery and what made you turn yourself in?

34:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)



Bank robbery is the real American Dream. We make movies about it, and as long as innocent people aren't hurt or killed, our society loves bank robbers. Also, it seemed like a worthy challenge. I thought it would be quite an accomplishment if I could solve the puzzle and figure out how to get away with it. I always figured prison was in the cards for me -- even before I was doing crime -- so it made sense to turn myself in and get it over with, but most of all, I became a father and wanted to just do my time while my son was a baby instead of the cops accidentally figuring out who I was and taking me to jail when my son was older.

35:ShayneOSU :2015/06/13(土)

This is the hardest anyone has ever worked to get out of changing diapers.

36:Solkre :2015/06/13(土)

Said he was in there 3 years, he timed it about right. This guy is a pro.

37:caross :2015/06/13(土)

Why did you only want $50 and $100s?

38:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


I don't know about today, but back then all of the marked bills, dye packs, and tracking stuff was in $20s, so I definitely didn't want those. And $1s, $5s, and $10s were such a small denomination that they wouldn't add up to much anyway. It wasn't worth the extra time for them to get everything out of their drawer. Also, if someone else noticed the teller clearing out their drawer, it might look weird and trigger some sort of response. Getting out a bunch of $50s and $100s, however, seemed to be the quickest way and drew no attention from other tellers.

39:Shfydgi :2015/06/13(土)

When you were robbing a bank was it intense or were you calm the entire time?

40:helloiamCLAY :2015/06/13(土)


I was calm and controlled, but it was incredibly intense at the same time. It's like having sex while taking the SATs. You have to focus on both 100% even though that's not totally possible, and that's why it's so rewarding when it works.

41:Atomy97 :2014/04/05(土)

Do you play GTA 5?

42:helloiamCLAY :2014/04/05(土)
ない。でもWii ボーリングでは最強

No, but I'm pretty bad ass at Wii Bowling.

43:Highzenboarg :2014/04/05(土)

What did you write on the paper when demanding the money?

44:helloiamCLAY :2014/04/05(土)



Give me all of your $50s and $100s Don't look at me This is not a joke

45:mallen12132 :2014/04/05(土)


46:helloiamCLAY :2014/04/05(土)